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Have you ever wondered why red is the color of love?

The Woodhouse Wine Estates Wine Club Newsletter, February 2012.



Have you ever asked yourself why red is the color of love? Although the answer may not traditionally find itself sitting inside the wine glass on your dinner table, I think cupid may have been caught flying over Woodhouse this month. February stands out as the month for romance, and even though Valentines Day has a different meaning to different folks, wine quite simply works for any approach.

This month plays host to the debut of the first wine club release of 2012. Headlining are two fabulous new red wines: The 2007 Kennedy-Shah Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and our highly anticipated 2007 Kennedy-Shah Reserve Tempranillo.

This release delivers landslide wines, new discoveries and liquid treasures. Beautiful and silky notes lingered in the memory of our palates. Both wines floored us all, delivering rich fruit and teasingly eloquent and sophisticated aromatics.

This month’s newsletter is jammed full of great information, fun readings and winery happenings, so read on! To finish off I’d like to slightly digress and move aside for a moment (a bit of a habit) with some fun Valentines Day wine statistics. Enjoy them all and as always, Cheers!

Did you know??
  • “59 percent of American’s preferred to receive a bottle of wine for Valentine's Day as opposed to a box of chocolates or flowers. (I am guessing there was no option for "both").
  • Of that 59 percent, only 14 percent actually expected to receive wine, while close to 50 percent expected the standard flowers or candy. Twenty-one percent expected not even a token gift.
  • Thirty-one percent of the wine wishers said they would enjoy spending Valentine's Day in front of a fire with the bottle of wine and, I suppose, the person who gave the wine, although that wasn't clear.
  • Twenty-four percent would like to enjoy the bottle of wine while preparing and sharing a romantic dinner for two at home.
  • Seventeen percent wanted to share the wine in a sensuous bubble bath.
  • Fourteen percent said they preferred to share it at a restaurant
  • Nine percent said they wanted to share the wine behind closed doors.
  • Then the remaining 5 percent responded "other," so your guess is as good as mine as to what they might have meant."

(Wine Market Council, 2012)



February Wine Club Release - A match made in heaven.

Winemaker Jean Claude Beck


2007 Kennedy Shah Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Variety: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2007
Aging: 24 Months in 70% New French Oak, 30% Neutral French Oak
Cases Produced: 103

Intense, vibrant, ripe dark fruit


2007 Kennedy Shah Reserve Tempranillo
Variety: 100% Tempranillo
Vintage: 2007
Aging: 14 Months in 20% New French Oak,
20% New American Oak, 30% Neutral French Oak,
20% Neutral American Oak, 10% Neutral Hungarian Oak
Cases Produced: 122

Balanced, elegant and impressivley complex


Due to the high demand of wines, the number of cases remaining avaliable often drastically decreases.

We highly encourage pre-ordering wine.
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Straight from the Tasting Room.... With Daniel

Wine, wine, wine! St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner. I have put together a few suggestions that may make that day a memorable one.

Food & Wine Pairings

2009 Hudson Shah Chardonnay has just been released, and is now being served in the Woodhouse tasting room. This is an exceptional wine for those who love Chardonnay, but don't like a lot of oak. This wine was aged in French Oak for 9 months, but only 30% new French oak. The end product was a Chardonnay that mimics some of the best Chardonnays of France. Stop in and try some, it's fabulous.

Fresh flavors of tropical fruit, peaches, lemons that converge into savory, mineral and earthy elements. Well balanced with delicate acidity, this Chardonnay shines with great anticipation from the bouquet, and wonderfully satisfies on the long elegant finish.

Pairing - Because of it's French like elegance this is a great wine for shrimp cockail, shrimp scampi, imported creamy style cheeses and light pasta dishes. 

2010 Kennedy Shah Rosé The Stone Ridge Vineyard's 100% Grenache grapes were 70% de-stemmed prior to their overnight maceration, which then led to their gentle pressing. The resulting wine was then fermented in stainless steel, and then aged for 3 months in neutral French oak. An elegant and inspired Rose' that delivers clean minerality, strawberry, cherry and a hint of melon while finishing with a lengthy flurry of white chocolate notes.

Pairing - Rose' is the absolute best wine for pairing with any meal. Flavors such as raspberry, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla have long been regarded as aphrodisiacs. So it's clear this seductive wine will lead you astray and entice you into the glass. Live on the edge, open the gates of passion and pair this with some oysters on the half shell in cocktail sauce, asparagus parmesan or quiche, figs oozing with goat cheese, and raspberry white chocolate mousse.

The Sexy Six

An enticing array of wine that will appeal to all who search for love and romance. 

Hudson Shah Riesling
Sex Appeal / Voluptous and alluring, with exotic scents to enhance your mood.

Kennedy Shah Tempranillo
Debonair /
 Cultivated, self confident and from good stock yet, stylishly refined.

Hudson Shah Malbec
Macho / Dark, strong and not afraid to be assertive and dominating

Just to name a few, this is the perfect gift package for your honey. Just fantasize, six sexy nights with six sexy wines. Entire package avaliable while supplies last for only $ 85 dollars tax included.

 Woodhouse Wine Club Annual Release Schedule 2012

February 2012 ( Wine Club Release)

07 KS Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
07 KS Reserve Tempranillo

May 2012 (Wine Club Release)

07 KS Reserve Malbec
07 KS Reserve Cabernet Franc

August 2012 (Wine Club Release)

07 Dussek Cabernet Sauvignon
07 Maghee Merlot

November 2012 (Wine Club Release)

07 Darighe

Upcoming Events

  • February 17 Women's Night Out!! Ditch the boys and look forward to a night of wine & fashion. Enjoy fabulous wine, cheese hors d'oeuvres, and a private designer fashion-trunk show.
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  • February 26 Wine Club Release:
    2007 Kennedy Shah Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
    2007 Kennedy Shah Reserve Tempranillo.
     (Invitations to follow, wine club members only)

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Winter White Sale

With summer (almost…sort of) right around the corner, we need to make room for the next vintage of 2011 Kennedy Shah Rosé. To do that, we are offering a discount of 20% on all purchases of 3 or more on the 2010 Kennedy Shah 100% Grenache' Rosé 750ml. Purchases can made at the tasting room or through our webstore at for the months of February and March. 

Orders online of 3 or more will automatically recieve special pricing. This offer applies to orders shipped or picked up here at the winery and cannot be combined with any other discounts. Promotion ends March 31, 2012.

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Little Winemaker's Corner (with ah Frencccent s’il vous plait)

Bonjour dear Customer,

There we are, February again, coming from amazing week of snow, I loved so much. With snow everything is just different, it is pure, magnificent, silent, that happiness. With this white dress around you, to be in the evening around you fire place, sharing and savor a wonderful glass of a Cabernet Sauvignon, accompanied by a piece of classical music no less prestigious. That’s quality of life.

But, unfortunately the snow is gone and the reality take over. February is for a winemaker usually the month of different meeting, like technical groups seminar, conferences, trade show. It is the opportunity to meet the different supplier, and also the winemakers from around everywhere. It is important and interesting, to share different information, some vision, new techniques, old tradition with friends and professional, and not stay in a bulb, to breathe fresh air once a while, to refresh your brain, or simply recharge the batteries.

Saint Valentin is this month too, don’t forget to spoil and cherish your half, it is always a great opportunity to show your love for them.

Celebrate it with a flower, a little stone if you can, a special great wine, a wine which warm you up, which bring atmosphere, and if you can, try to speak with a French accent.


Your winemaker Jean Claude Beck



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