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Events space rentals begin with the rental of the Main Room.  You may choose to expand your event to the Barrel Room or to the Patio for a premium.

Main Room (required) $1250
Expansion: Barrel Room (optional) $625
Expansion: Patio (Optional) $300


The event rental time is 6 pm - 10 pm.  You may additional hours as necessary for a premium.  However, events may not go longer than midnight. 

6 pm - 10 pm (required) Included
Extension: Additional Hour 10-11 PM $250
Extension: Additional Hour 11-12 AM $250




The rental space is primarily used to conduct normal Winery and Tasting Room operations on a daily basis.  As such, delivery and storage of event equipment/supplies must be restricted and coordinated to mininimize impacts to those operations during business hours.  A typical event itinerary may look as follows:

1 Day Prior: 

Equipment rental company (only) may drop off

Day of:

Noon - 5 pm:  Client supply drop off (must coordinate with Woodhouse)

4 pm:  Caterer may begin setup in the kitchen (must coordinate with Woodhouse)

5:30 - 6 pm:  Woodhouse staff will transition Tasting Room to Event configuration, also client may commense event preparation

6 pm - 10 pm:  Event

10 pm: Event must be vacated

10 pm - 10:30 pm:  Woodhouse staff transitions Event Space to Tasting Room Configuration, also Client must remove any/all materials brought to the event

10:30 pm - on: Woodhouse staff will continue preparation for winery/tasting room operations

1 Day after:

Equipment rental company must pick up


*** All terms are subject to change at any time.  Terms for each event are defined in the Event Contract. 








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